How to Start a New Hampshire S Corp in 2023

If you’re considering starting a business in New Hampshire, you may want to explore the option of forming an S corporation. An S corporation is a type of business structure that offers liability protection for its owners while also providing certain tax benefits.

If you’re ready to start your own S corp in New Hampshire, this guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

The first thing you’ll need to do is choose a name for your company and make sure it’s available for use in the state of New Hampshire. You’ll then need to file articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State’s office and obtain any necessary licenses and permits.

Next, you’ll need to draft bylaws for your company and hold an initial meeting with your board of directors to elect officers and approve other important matters.

If you’re considering forming an S Corp in 2024, it’s also worth exploring the option of an LLC in new hampshire as a possible alternative that might suit your business needs better depending on your situation.

If you want to make the process of starting an S corp in New Hampshire smoother, working with a reliable new hampshire LLC service provider can provide expert guidance and streamline the formation process.

Finally, you’ll need to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS and register with the state for corporate income tax purposes.

With these steps completed, you’ll be well on your way to running a successful S corp in New Hampshire.

Choosing A Name For Your S Corp

When choosing a name for your new new hampshire s corp, there are several important factors to consider. One of the most crucial is trademark considerations. You’ll want to make sure that the name you choose isn’t already in use by another company, as this can lead to legal issues down the line.

It’s also important to ensure that your chosen name isn’t too similar to another company’s name, as this can cause confusion among customers and potentially harm your business.

To begin the process of choosing a name for your S Corp, start by brainstorming techniques. Consider what makes your business unique and try to come up with names that reflect those qualities. You may also want to think about incorporating keywords related to your industry or niche into your name, as this can help customers understand what you do at a glance.

Once you’ve come up with some potential names, check them against existing trademarks and do a search online to see if anyone else is using them. With careful consideration and research, you’ll be able to choose a name that sets your S Corp apart from the competition and accurately represents what you do.

Filing Articles Of Incorporation

Choosing a corporate name is a crucial step to starting a New Hampshire S-corp in 2024.

Drafting the Articles of Incorporation requires attention to details to ensure everything is done correctly.

Filing with the State of New Hampshire is the final step in the process, and it’s important to make sure all paperwork is filed correctly.

Choosing A Corporate Name

When starting a New Hampshire s corp in 2024, choosing the perfect corporate name is a critical decision to make.

Legal considerations must be taken into account, such as ensuring that the name is unique and not already in use by another business entity.

It’s also essential to consider creative naming options that will help your business stand out from competitors.

Don’t rush this process; take the time to brainstorm and research potential names that align with your brand and vision.

Remember, your corporate name will represent your company for years to come, so choose wisely.

Drafting The Articles Of Incorporation

Once you have settled on a corporate name for your New Hampshire S corp, the next step is to draft the Articles of Incorporation.

This legal document outlines the incorporation requirements and sets forth the structure and purpose of your business entity.

It’s important to carefully consider all legal considerations when drafting this document, such as including the necessary provisions for shareholder rights and liability protection.

The Articles of Incorporation will be filed with the state of New Hampshire, so accuracy and compliance are crucial.

Taking time to ensure all requirements are met will help streamline the incorporation process and avoid potential legal issues down the line.

Filing With The State Of New Hampshire

Now that you have drafted the Articles of Incorporation for your New Hampshire S corp, it’s time to file them with the state.

Timeline considerations are important, as the filing process can take several weeks depending on the workload of the Secretary of State’s office.

Additionally, there will be a cost breakdown for filing fees and any additional required documentation.

It’s important to ensure accuracy and compliance when submitting your Articles of Incorporation to avoid any delays or rejections.

With careful attention to detail, you can successfully file with the state and move forward with establishing your business entity.

Obtaining Licenses And Permits

Starting a new business can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. While taking care of the legalities may not be the most exciting part of the process, it is crucial to ensure that your business is operating legally and protected from any potential risks.

Obtaining licenses and permits is an essential step in starting a New Hampshire S Corp, and it’s important to understand what you need to do to get them. One critical aspect of obtaining licenses and permits is securing business insurance. Business insurance helps protect your company from financial losses due to accidents, natural disasters, or lawsuits. It’s important to research different types of business insurance policies available and choose one that best fits your company’s needs. Additionally, some licenses or permits may require proof of insurance before they can be granted, so make sure you have this in place before applying for them.

Zoning requirements are another factor that must be considered when starting a new business in New Hampshire. These requirements dictate how your property can be used and what type of activities are permitted on it. Some areas may have specific zoning laws for certain types of businesses, so it’s important to research these regulations thoroughly to avoid any potential issues down the line. Consider consulting with a lawyer or zoning specialist if you’re unsure about how these requirements apply to your business.

Remember that obtaining licenses and permits is just one step in starting a successful New Hampshire S Corp. Taking care of the legalities early on will help protect your company from potential risks and set a strong foundation for future growth. By staying informed about licensing requirements, securing proper insurance coverage, and researching zoning regulations, you’ll be well on your way to launching a successful business venture in New Hampshire!

Creating Bylaws And Holding An Initial Meeting

Now that you have successfully filed your articles of incorporation and obtained your Certificate of Formation, it is time to draft the bylaws for your new S corporation. The bylaws serve as the internal rules and regulations that govern the operation of your company. It is important to ensure that the bylaws are tailored specifically to the needs of your business and comply with New Hampshire state laws.

When drafting resolutions, it is essential to be thorough and detail-oriented. You will need to appoint officers who will be responsible for managing the daily operations of the business. These officers will have specific duties and responsibilities outlined in the bylaws.

Once you have drafted your resolutions and appointed officers, it is time to hold an initial meeting of the board of directors. At this meeting, you will ratify all previous actions taken on behalf of the corporation and discuss any other matters pertaining to the operation of your business.

Obtaining An Ein And Registering For Corporate Income Tax

Now that you have decided to start an S corporation in New Hampshire, it is crucial to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This unique nine-digit number will serve as your company’s identification for tax purposes.

You can apply for an EIN online through the IRS website, or you can fill out Form SS-4 and mail or fax it to the IRS. Once you receive your EIN, be sure to keep it safe and use it whenever necessary.

In addition to obtaining an EIN, registering for corporate income tax is mandatory for all S corporations in New Hampshire. Hiring professionals like accountants or attorneys who specialize in tax law can help ensure that your company stays on top of its tax obligations and avoids penalties.

Maintaining compliance with state and federal tax requirements is essential for the longevity of your business, so don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance when needed.


Starting a new Hampshire S Corp in 2024 can seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance and resources, it can be a smooth process.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your S Corp is set up for success.

Remember to:

– Choose a unique and memorable name for your S Corp

– File your articles of incorporation with the state

– Obtain any necessary licenses and permits

– Create bylaws and hold an initial meeting with your team

– Obtain an EIN and register for corporate income tax

With these steps completed, you’ll be well on your way to running a successful S Corp in New Hampshire.

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