10 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in Vermont in 2023

Are you thinking of starting a business in Vermont? With the state’s thriving economy and supportive business environment, now is the perfect time to take the leap.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the 10 most profitable businesses to start in Vermont in 2024. Vermont’s economy is driven by industries such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, and tourism. However, there are also plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in other sectors.

From tech startups to boutique retail shops, we’ve compiled a list of diverse business ideas that have the potential to thrive in Vermont’s market. So whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, read on for some inspiration on the best businesses to start in vermont.

Vermont’s Thriving Economy

Vermont has been experiencing a thriving economy that has attracted many entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses. The state’s government policies and regulations have played a significant role in creating a favorable environment for startups.

One top business idea for Vermont entrepreneurs is to form an LLC in vermont, which offers benefits such as flexibility, liability protection, and ease of incorporation. With the vibrant startup community in Vermont, forming an LLC can offer great potential for profitability and growth.

One of the most crucial elements of starting a profitable business in Vermont is selecting the right legal structure, which can often be overwhelming. Enlisting a reliable vermont LLC service provider can help streamline the process and ensure compliance with state regulations.

Vermont has been able to create an ecosystem that fosters innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial success stories have become the norm in Vermont, with many new businesses successfully launching and expanding.

The state offers various programs that provide support for small businesses, including funding opportunities and training programs. Additionally, the state has implemented policies aimed at increasing access to capital for entrepreneurs who are looking to start or expand their businesses.

Overall, Vermont is a great place to start a business due to its supportive government policies and regulations that foster an entrepreneurial spirit.

Healthcare Industry Opportunities

Vermont’s thriving economy has paved the way for many profitable business opportunities in the state. With its growing population and robust infrastructure, Vermont is becoming an attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses.

While there are numerous industries to choose from, one sector that stands out is healthcare. Healthcare industry opportunities in Vermont are on the rise, especially with the increasing demand for senior care services. With a rapidly aging population, there is a greater need for healthtech innovations that can improve the quality of life for seniors.

Entrepreneurs who specialize in developing technology-based solutions that cater to the needs of older adults have a significant advantage in this market. Moreover, senior care services such as home healthcare and assisted living facilities are areas where entrepreneurs can make a considerable impact while also generating substantial profits. By leveraging technology and innovation, they can create unique offerings that appeal to both seniors and their caregivers alike.

As Vermont continues to experience economic growth, healthcare industry opportunities will become increasingly lucrative. With the right approach and strategy, entrepreneurs can tap into this growing market while also making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. By focusing on healthtech innovations and senior care services, they can build sustainable businesses that not only generate profits but also contribute to enhancing the overall well-being of Vermont’s residents.

Education Industry Opportunities

Let’s talk about the educational technology and online learning platforms that are likely to be the most profitable businesses to start in Vermont in 2024.

We should consider the potential for success in these areas and how we could capitalize on them.

Educational Technology

Do you want to be a part of the rapidly growing virtual learning industry?

Consider starting an EdTech startup in Vermont!

With the pandemic forcing schools to shift to remote learning, the demand for educational technology has never been higher.

By providing innovative digital solutions for teachers and students, your business could make a huge impact on the education sector while also generating significant profits.

With the state’s supportive business environment and strong focus on education, Vermont is the perfect place to launch your EdTech venture.

Online Learning Platforms

If you are looking for ways to monetize your skills and tap into the growing e-learning market trends, consider exploring online learning platforms.

With the rise of remote learning due to the pandemic, there has been an increased demand for digital solutions that provide students with a quality education experience.

Online learning platforms offer an innovative and accessible way to deliver educational content and connect learners with expert instructors from anywhere in the world.

As more and more people turn to online learning, this presents a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the education industry.

Manufacturing Industry Opportunities

Green manufacturing is becoming a popular trend in Vermont. With the increasing awareness of environmental concerns, more and more entrepreneurs are looking for ways to create eco-friendly products. This presents a huge opportunity for innovative startups to enter the manufacturing industry.

One of the most promising areas of green manufacturing is sustainable packaging. Companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint by using biodegradable materials and minimizing waste. Entrepreneurs who can provide innovative solutions in this area are likely to find success in Vermont’s manufacturing industry.

Additionally, there is a growing demand for renewable energy products such as solar panels and wind turbines, which presents another opportunity for startups in the green manufacturing space.

Tourism Industry Opportunities

Vermont is a state that prides itself on its natural beauty and outdoor recreation. With the rise of ecotourism, starting a business that incorporates outdoor recreation opportunities can be a lucrative venture.

From hiking and biking trails to skiing and snowboarding in the winter months, there are plenty of options for tourists seeking an active vacation.

In addition to outdoor recreation, culinary experiences are another opportunity for entrepreneurs in Vermont. The state is known for its farm-to-table dining and artisanal food producers.

Starting a restaurant or food tour business that highlights local ingredients can attract foodies from all over the country. The combination of fresh air and delicious cuisine makes Vermont an ideal destination for tourists looking to escape city life.


In conclusion, Vermont’s thriving economy offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to start profitable businesses in various industries.

With the healthcare industry constantly expanding and the state’s aging population, starting a healthcare business could be a lucrative venture.

The education industry also presents opportunities with the growing demand for online learning platforms and tutoring services.

Additionally, the manufacturing industry in Vermont continues to grow, especially in the areas of food processing and advanced manufacturing.

And let’s not forget about the tourism industry, which brings in millions of visitors each year and creates opportunities for businesses in hospitality and recreation.

With a little research and planning, starting one of these 10 most profitable businesses in Vermont could lead to great success in 2024.

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