10 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in Colorado in 2023

Are you considering starting your own business in Colorado? With its thriving economy and diverse industries, the Centennial State offers plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start.

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most profitable businesses to start in Colorado in 2024. Whether you’re interested in technology, healthcare, or hospitality, there’s something on this list for everyone. From small startups to established franchises, these businesses have proven track records of success and are poised for even greater growth in the coming years.

So if you’re ready to take the leap and become your own boss, read on to discover which business venture is right for you.

Technology Startups

Looking to start a business in Colorado? Consider a technology startup. With the influx of venture capital pouring into the state, it’s a prime time to enter the tech industry.

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“Although the options for profitable ventures in Colorado are abundant, careful analysis shows that some businesses are more lucrative than others. For example, with its growing tech industry, one of the best businesses to start in colorado would be a software development company.”

Not to mention, Colorado boasts an abundance of coworking spaces and resources catered towards entrepreneurs. Venture capital investments in Colorado have been on the rise in recent years, making it an attractive location for startups seeking funding.

In fact, according to PitchBook data, Colorado saw over $2 billion in venture capital investments in 2021 alone. With this kind of financial support available, technology startups have a greater chance at success than ever before.

Additionally, coworking spaces like Galvanize and Industry Denver provide entrepreneurs with affordable office space and networking opportunities that can be crucial for early-stage startups looking to grow their business.

It’s clear that technology startups are one of the most profitable businesses to start in Colorado right now.

Healthcare Services

When it comes to the healthcare industry in Colorado, homecare services and telemedicine solutions are two areas that are expected to be highly profitable in 2024.

With an aging population and increased demand for in-home care, there is a growing need for quality homecare services. This includes everything from assistance with daily living activities to medical care provided by trained professionals.

Telemedicine solutions are also becoming increasingly popular as people seek more convenient ways to access healthcare services. Telemedicine allows patients to consult with doctors or other healthcare professionals remotely using video conferencing technology. This not only saves time and money but can also improve patient outcomes by providing timely access to healthcare services.

In order to capitalize on these trends, entrepreneurs should consider starting a business that specializes in either homecare services or telemedicine solutions. With the right team and resources, there is significant potential for growth and profitability in these areas of the healthcare industry.

Hospitality And Tourism

If you’re interested in starting a profitable business in Colorado, the hospitality and tourism industry is certainly worth considering.

With its stunning natural beauty and abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, Colorado attracts millions of visitors every year.

This creates a high demand for luxury accommodations, which can be a lucrative business opportunity.

One option for entrepreneurs interested in the hospitality industry is to invest in luxury vacation rentals or hotels located near popular outdoor recreation areas.

These types of accommodations are particularly popular with tourists who want to experience Colorado’s breathtaking scenery while enjoying comfortable and luxurious amenities.

By providing high-quality lodging options that cater to this market niche, entrepreneurs can tap into a growing market and earn a healthy profit from their investment.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a rapidly growing industry that has been gaining traction in Colorado. With a strong commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, the state has become a hub for green jobs and solar power.

A report by the Colorado Energy Office reveals that renewable energy accounted for 28% of the state’s net electricity generation in 2020, with solar power leading the way. The demand for renewable energy sources is expected to continue to rise in Colorado, making it an attractive business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to start a profitable venture.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Colorado is one of the top ten states in terms of solar potential, which makes it an ideal location for businesses specializing in solar panel installation, maintenance, and repair. Additionally, there are various tax incentives available to companies investing in renewable energy projects, making it easier for startups to get off the ground.

As such, renewable energy remains one of the most promising industries to invest in as we approach 2024 in Colorado.

Food And Beverage Industry

When it comes to the food and beverage industry in Colorado, there are two areas that stand out as highly profitable: food trucks and craft breweries.

Food trucks have exploded in popularity in recent years, offering unique cuisine options and convenience for customers on-the-go. In Colorado, there are many popular food truck events and festivals throughout the year, making it a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to get their mobile restaurant up and running. With low overhead costs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants, starting a food truck business can be a smart investment.

Craft breweries are also seeing significant growth in Colorado. The state is known for its diverse beer culture and has been recognized as one of the top states for craft beer production. With a strong demand for locally brewed beer, starting a craft brewery can be a lucrative venture. However, it requires a significant investment upfront with costs associated with equipment and licensing. Despite this, the potential return on investment can be high as many Coloradans are willing to pay extra for quality craft beer.

In summary, those looking to start a profitable business in the food and beverage industry in Colorado should consider investing in either a food truck or craft brewery. Both offer unique benefits and opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to put in the effort to make it successful.


Overall, Colorado is a great place to start a business. The state is home to a diverse range of industries that offer excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs. Whether you’re interested in technology startups, healthcare services, hospitality and tourism, renewable energy or food and beverage industry, there’s something for everyone in Colorado.

If you’re looking to start a profitable business in Colorado in 2024, then be sure to consider these top industries. With hard work, dedication and the right resources, you can build a successful business that will thrive for years to come.

So why wait? Start exploring your options today and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality!

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